Lawrence Sheppard,


I offer workshops and counseling to address a wide range of

complex issues including trauma, ADHD, attachment disorder, addiction,

parenting, and relationships.  Specific areas include depression, anxiety,

work related stress, and loss of direction in life.



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Counseling is a co-creative process between counselor and client to identify issues of concern, clarify goals and apply appropriate, effective strategies to meet these goals. I use a variety of techniques to empower clients to not only address current issues, but to be able to actively manage and resolve ongoing challenges in their lives.


I work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, work related stress, grief and loss, relationship problems and loss of direction in their lives, to name just a few. I specialize in the treatment of trauma, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), addictions and family issues, including those involving child behavioural concerns. I also work with First Nations communities, including survivors of residential school.


I offer individual, couple, family and group sessions and also provide workshops, keynotes and presentations to agencies and organizations.


Please call (778) 945-3013 or email me for a free consultation. I am happy to offer counseling and coaching by telephone or Skype if you reside or work in a location that limits your access to office-based counseling.




Services Offered




Parenting Counselling

Individual, family and group sessions are available to help you address behavioural problems, family conflict and attachment issues. By developing and practicing effective parenting skills, you will promote the healthy development of your children and enjoy a rich, satisfying family life.


ADHD Counselling

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most prevalent mental health disorders in all age groups. The resulting problems with education, employment and relationships can be effectively managed with counselling, coaching and, in some cases, medication.




There are an infinite number of ways that an individual can be traumatized and the consequences can often define or shape our lives. Depending upon the type and severity of the trauma, a variety of therapeutic strategies can help resolve troubling symptoms.



Addiction is a psycho-neurological condition that is best managed through a combination of counselling, lifestyle management, peer support and, in some cases, treatment programs and medication.


Life Coaching

Life coaching is a strength-based approach that helps clients to improve relationships, reach career goals and achieve whatever success in life that they seek.


First Nations

Workshops for couples, parent education training, traditional healing practices and individual/relationship/family therapy.



Workshops, presentations and keynotes are available on a variety of topics or can be developed to meet the particular needs of your organization.


Staff Education

Staff working with children must possess the knowledge and skills to appropriately address behavioural challenges while, at the same time, promoting healthy, social/emotional development.


"Lawrence's behaviour management course is a 'must do' for staff working with children having challenging behaviours. His parent education workshops are the best available and I have encouraged the parents of the children in our centre to take it. I have also received glowing reports on his in-home counselling work."

− Elsie Webb

"Lawrence’s assistance was invaluable to our family and has improved the quality of our relationships with our children. His approach to child guidance is clear, concise and practical and provides busy parents with the management skills necessary to get things back on track quickly and effectively. I would recommend his workshops to anyone dealing with bright, challenging children."

− Dr. Nancy MacKay




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